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As you’re here, I imagine you want to start a record label, or as what I mostly discover, you want to control your music career, grow your fan base, and make money from doing it.

If you can make money from your music, you can then keep doing it, and even one day make it a full time gig.

One of the quickest ways to do that is to start growing your fanbase using existing tools online to create a fan funnel targeted at your ideal fans.

Is super easy to do, we do it all the time for new and existing artists, especially if we need a spike in fan growth to promote a new EP or single.

Once you know how to implement this generator you can modify it to grow your Spotify followers, Instagram followers, email lists, pretty much grow fans on any platform! We call this the Ultimate Fan Generator– I know it’s a cheesy name – but it does it what it says.

You’ll get:

Guided via a Step by step video taking you each step of the way with a real-world example

Flexibility with an audio version so you can listen on your phone, car, or anywhere else

And there is no need to take notes! Just Download the PDF worksheet to follow along.

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And why only $7? Why so little?

It’s not the amount that matters. I’m not making serious money from selling this video course. But for you, the $7 represents the first step in committing to taking your music career seriously and focusing on what matters to be a success.

By actually handing over your hard-earned cash you are committing to make this a reality. It may not seem like much, but psychologically it’s very powerful and will help you commit and move forward one step at a time to create your ideal music career.

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