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(This is limited to only 25 people as we will be providing one-2-one support and Loom video feedback for all course attendees.)

What People Are Saying...

"I would highly recommend to any artist and/or producer new or experienced, there is a lot to gain from this concise, easy to follow course."

Gemma Dobson – Artist 'SIREN'

"You make it so easy to understand every task and your help is always there."

Mario DS - Self Made Click Records

"The videos are especially great, really informative and the step by step guides totally take the headache out of planning."

Molly Beanland - Former Major Label Artist on VIRGIN RECORDS

record label

"Nicks training and mentorship is amazing, the amount of content and diligence is incredible. Big love to you!"

David Mérismé - Glockwork Records

Laydee V The Label Machine

"The blueprints documents are great, and I am confident, I am gonna get some results"

Laydee V - DJ/Producer for PLATFORM 7EVEN & PL7

I have had a great journey in music, from creating Never Say Die Records from scratch, starting the sister-label No Tomorrow Recordings, founding Disciple Records, starting and running Get Hype Records, and seeing them grow to be huge successes. When I looked back across them all, I saw I had used the same method and blueprint in setting up and running them, and I thought, what if I put all that experience into one place, to leverage all the contacts I have, to create a practical step by step blueprint, so anyone can do it themselves and aim for the same result?

What if there was one place for everything you need? What if there was a place with videos explaining everything you need to know, down to micro-details, like the exact words to use when emailing remix artists, or blogs to be featured? What if you had everything in one place so there is nothing to think about, just watch helpful videos and follow the step by step process to take you from zero to hero?"

And that, in a nutshell, is why The Label Machine exists! It is the answer to all those questions. It's over 10 years of experiences, resources, databases and contracts in one place so you don’t have to do the legwork and can focus on running a successful record label. 

I hope you sign up and we can help you have a successful music career too.

All the best,

Nick Sadler

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