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Get the AUTOMATED EMAIL MARKETING SYSTEM offer for a one-time payment of $97

🤟 Have your emails run on autopilot so you can build relationships with fans automatically.

🤟 Save time writing out email content easily using our fill-in-the-blank email content templates.

🤟 Use the included ‘Ultimate Fan Generator’ method to create a consistent flow of new fans for your artists or record labels.

🤟 Comes with Step-by-Step setups using the free Send In Blue email platform. This course works with other major email platforms such as Mailchimp and Drip.

BONUS 1: Ultimate Fan Generator (Worth $97)

BONUS 2: Includes 15 min one-to-one session (Worth $97)

BONUS 3: Understand the growth mindset so you can get anything done. Plus Learn the Pomodoro technique and how to use Binaural Beats to stay super focused.

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What People Are Saying...

"I would highly recommend to any artist and/or producer new or experienced, there is a lot to gain from this concise, easy to follow course."

Gemma Dobson – Artist 'SIREN'

"You make it so easy to understand every task and your help is always there."

Mario DS - Self Made Click Records

"The videos are especially great, really informative and the step by step guides totally take the headache out of planning."

Molly Beanland - Former Major Label Artist on VIRGIN RECORDS

record label

"Nicks training and mentorship is amazing, the amount of content and diligence is incredible. Big love to you!"

David Mérismé - Glockwork Records

Laydee V The Label Machine

"The blueprints documents are great, and I am confident, I am gonna get some results"

Laydee V - DJ/Producer for PLATFORM 7EVEN & PL7

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Your Own Email Marketing System

Have your emails run on autopilot so you can build relationships with fans automatically. 

Get Unlimited Fans

Convert a source of unlimited fans from Facebook into thousands of real fans on your email list.

Email Marketing Templates

Save hours of design time by writing out email content easily using our fill-in-the-blank email content templates.

Achieve All Your Goals (finally!)

Harness the power of a growth mindset so you can get anything done and be part of an accountability team to ensure you stay on track.

Features Include


The blueprints are made-up of step-by-step practical guides, with hours of easy-to-follow tutorial videos that cover the four main phases of setting up a record label; planning, building, running, and growing.

Checklists and Templates

Multiple checklists and templates used for creating schedules essential for running a record label and releasing music, including; marketing and PR schedules, marketing assets release schedule checklist, DJ promo and PR one sheet templates.


Post any questions you have and get advice, support and feedback from the community. We also have a private mentoring section in the community, where you can get private support and feedback from just Nick and the team.

The Label Machine Community

Record Label Contracts

Record label contract templates that include step-by-step guides on what each clause means and which sections you need to edit for your own record label. Includes: recording contract, remix contract and design contract templates.


Our full blog directories include names, email addresses and blog websites, with submission details that cover the following genres: Electronic, Folk, Country, Rock and Metal, Indie, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop and Funk. 

Record Label Budgets

The comprehensive budget comes with real life examples of expenses for all record label costs, as well as professional forecasting tables so you can plan and write for your business plan with ease. Comes in $/US and £/UK formats.

What People Are Saying...

Record Label Start

"With this system I can keep my focus clear. You are correct when you say to me: when you've set it up, then it's easy."

Nenad Ruvidic – Parallel Audio

Start Record Label

"It's just a good framework that doesn't seem to be available anywhere else. It's really useful, really positive"

Paul Twomey - Obliviate Records

Dave Strickland - Sensible Records

"It gave me a lot more direction and I knew what to focus on. Everything is so easily mapped out"

Dave Strickland – Sensible Recordings

"Recommend it... In a short time you learn a lot. Especially instruction videos were very clear... combined with the templates and assignments, they were really nice."

Theo Janssen – TJAMP Records

BONUS ONE: One-to-One Live Call

Sign up and get a one-to-one call over Zoom goal setting and advice

Goal Setting

Get focused with goal setting and putting together your plan together.

Building Systems + Structure

Feel well organised and prepared and know you are on the right path.

Advice to to grow your Fans

Get personalised tp to grow your fan base.

Industry Feedback

Live Zoom call where you can ask anything.

BONUS TWO: The Ultimate Fan Generator

Find out how to grow your fanbase using existing tools online to create a fan funnel targeted at your ideal fans.

Build a solid fan base

Learn the secret theory behind finding and converting 1000’s of fans for pennies on the dollar. Once you know this secret you’ll use it for every release.

Unlimited fans for Spotify

Find out how to turn unlimited fans into real followers on the following platforms : Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, Youtube, Email lists, and Apple Music.

Real world examples

Includes real world examples with step by step videos and a worksheet on how to replicate this for your own campaign. No need to think, just follow the videos!

Fans for pennies on the dollar!

Nick Sadler // Founder & Author

Nick Sadler heads up NSDMT, a London based management company whose passion is for connecting artists, music, and films with a worldwide audience. Nick's clients have included award-winning artists The Prototypes, Memtrix, Zomboy, Eptic, Far Too Loud, Dodge and Fuski, and Three Laws.

Nick started out as a marketing manager for studio software Logic, before co-founding Never Say Die Records, and Disciple Recordings, two of the most successful record labels in the rise of the Dubstep Electronic music movement in both the UK and the US. He has worked with artists such as Skrillex, Zomboy, The Prototypes, Dodge & Fuski, The Freestylers and Flux Pavilion, alongside gaining valuable insight into taking artists from the UK to a worldwide audience.

“I have been managing and marketing creative brands for most of my life and The Label Machine was set up to help bring more brands and talent to a worldwide audience.”

Nick Sadler

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

When you purchase you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

We're confident that you'll find the course useful, and we won't invoke any ridiculous rules or conditions - if you're not satisfied within your first 30 days then we'll refund you without any fuss.

What People Are Saying...

"I love that fact I have a step by step formula. It was all laid out in an easy-to-follow and concise way."

Greg Rose – Artist 'FRANKLLIN'

Roy Lindsey - Dapr Music

"Its really good to have clarification, it that opportunity to post a question and be pretty confident you would get an answer. This is a great resource, and it has a lot of information that is compiled into one place that's easy to find"

Roy Lindsey – Dapr Music

Start Record Label

"It's really well organized and everything seems easier like this... the strategy and organization are really nice. The checklists were really important in my opinion, really useful"

Sergio Abraço - Tribe in Live Records


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

 What Kind Of Artist Is The Course Suitable For?

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Is All Of The Content Available Straight Away Or Is It Time Released (Drip Fed)?

What If I Decide To Cancel?

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Still have questions unanswered?


I have had a great journey in music, from creating Never Say Die Records from scratch, starting the sister-label No Tomorrow Recordings, founding Disciple Records, starting and running Get Hype Records, and seeing them grow to be huge successes. When I looked back across them all, I saw I had used the same method and blueprint in setting up and running them, and I thought, what if I put all that experience into one place, to leverage all the contacts I have, to create a practical step by step blueprint, so anyone can do it themselves and aim for the same result?

What if there was one place for everything you need? What if there was a place with videos explaining everything you need to know, down to micro-details, like the exact words to use when emailing remix artists, or blogs to be featured? What if you had everything in one place so there is nothing to think about, just watch helpful videos and follow the step by step process to take you from zero to hero?"

And that, in a nutshell, is why The Label Machine exists! It is the answer to all those questions. It's over 10 years of experiences, resources, databases and contracts in one place so you don’t have to do the legwork and can focus on running a successful record label. 

I hope you sign up and we can help you have a successful music career too.

All the best,

Nick Sadler

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