Your Mission - should you choose to accept it - is to start a record label and release your first EP with over 1,000 true fans in 6 months or less, and have the confidence to repeat this over and over again so you can build a successful music career.

An accelerator program for artists or managers that want to rapidly build their own music releasing machine.

Program Enrollments close on May 31st 2020


There is so much music out there! How am I going to break through the noise and be heard? 

According to Spotify, there are more than 24,000 songs released EVERY DAY!

How are you going to be noticed with that much music being released?

Do you feel small and insignificant, and daunted by the shear amount of music you're against?

Do you find it tough to get music finished, let alone getting it on iTunes and Spotify and getting people to listen to it?

Are you struggling to get enough genuine followers on your Facebook, and Instagram accounts?

That's even before you ask them to listen to your music.

It seems like an impossible task. How does anyone achieve musical success these days? 

Do you just want to put great music out there and connect with fans?

Is your music good enough, but you just wish there was a way to get fans to connect with you?

Spotify only pays $0.004 per stream! How am I going to make any money in music? 

If I get 100,000 Spotify streams (which would mean my tracks have some serious followers) that's still only $400, not even enough for 1 weeks rent.

Let alone paying enough for a years rent!!! 

How is this even possible?

When you play a gig, are you only just covering costs for the show, sometimes not even then?

 Do you feel like you are paying to be heard, and that the promoter, managers, venues and everyone else is making money except you?

Do you see indie artists, labels and bands, who aren't pop stars, making it as successful music entrepreneurs and getting paid?

What is their secret?

Their music is as good as yours, so why are they making money and you're not?

What is going on?

I've got a full time job, where am I going to find the time & motivation to achieve my vision?

Do you feel like you're stretched to capacity already? Already cutting out your weekends to work on music, but still want a life to see friends and family, but you can't invent more time?

Do you find you can't seem to finish any one thing completely? 

Do you start off motivated and full of energy, but then something comes up that needs your attention, and then a week has passed, and then a month, and then you've forgotten exactly what it was you were trying to do in the first place!?!

Is it a struggle to keep yourself motivated, and feel like you're the only one trying to move things forward?

Do you wish sometimes you could just clone yourself so you'd have some help and support to get where you want to go?

Then read on..

Introducing the 'Record Label Launcher'

The 'Record Label Launcher' is a online Accelerator Program for artists or managers that want to rapidly build their own music releasing machine.

 "We are launching this as we find many artists struggle with motivation and completing the necessary tasks to successfully launch. Using a done-with-you approach, we work alongside you each step of the way to help build your label, execute marketing plans, and grow the label's fan-base. We have weekly online sessions to answer any questions, provide valuable feedback and above all ensure you stay motivated! Members will finish the program with a completely set up label, over 1000 real fans and their first release playlisted on Spotify."

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

After you sign up we will be in contact to start you on your onboarding process including an onboarding questionnaire so we can better understand you.

The program runs for 6 months, and you will have access to all the information so you can work at your own pace if you prefer. 

You'll be assigned an accountability partner to ensure you stick to your goals.

You will have access to the done-with-you masterclasses for each module of the program with the first one starting on April 20th where you'll learn exactly what you need to do, followed by Live Q&A to answer any questions.

Your Own Music Release Machine

Become your own legit record label, so you can sign artists, release music, and collect music royalties from around the world.

Get Unlimited Fans

Convert a source of unlimited fans into more than 1000 real fans on Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, and YouTube.

Professional Branding

Save hours of design time by learning how to tap into thousands of digital assets to create your own original artwork that stands out from the crowd.

Achieve All Your Goals (finally!)

Harness the power of a growth mindset so you can get anything done and be part of an accountability team to ensure you stay on track.

Your Own PR Machine

Have your PR machine you can use forever to promote your music to the right publications, saving hours of time and money in the process.

Collect All Royalty Income

Look forward to your first royalty statements, discovering sync markets, and seeing fans posting online wearing your merchandise.

Here’s what people are saying about The Label Machine

Molly Beanland

Former Major Label Artist on VIRGIN RECORDS

Take the headache out of planning...

"The Label Machine has been an invaluable resource for me launching my own label, the videos are especially great, really informative and the step by step guides totally take the headache out of planning."

Leo Lawton

Music Student

Really helpful.....

“The label machine is designed really well, really helpful for young people like me, trying to learn more about how the industry works.."

Josh Arnold

Label Manager at NT RECORDINGS

Secure a premiere...

"Thank you! So much value! Using the 'PR Machine blueprint with the supplied electronic blog directory, I was able to secure a premiere on"

What’s in the Accelerator Program?

Here is a breakdown of what you will achieve with each module and what each one is about.


Module 1: Foundations 

• Learn how to harness the power of a growth mindset so you can get anything done.

• Find the out how to use the best systems and processes to easily plan out your goals so you'll stick to them. 

• Get set up with an accountability team so you'll be have someone ensuring you stay on track. 

• Save time by downloading the business plan template and creating and tailoring a plan that any music distributor or bank manager would back. 

To achieve your goals, you need to be in the right mind-set, with the right tools and support group around you. Learn the secrets to getting anything done and how to channel that into your record label goals. We will give you the tools you need to build your foundations, and provide an accountably team. You'll be setup with an indestructible plan and team that will ensure you'll deliver a record label you're proud of.


Module 2: Branding

• Save hours of design time by learning how to tap into thousands of digital assets to create your own original artwork that stands out from the crowd.

• Find out how to get a logo made quickly (for free) that will look great on your website, artwork, and merchandise.

• Create a brand that identifies what you stand for and that music fans will fall in love with.

You need to have a great brand so fans identify with you and so your artwork and future merchandise looks so good that it sells itself. Get a record label logo, theme, and the same social media handle across all platforms. Do this by using the online tools already available with easy to follow design guides. You'll then have a brand that will look slick and professional and that your fans will love.


Module 3: Build Your Record Label Profile

• Build a website as an online home base for your record so you can sell music and merchandise direct to fans as you grow.

• We will give you a file system that industry professionals use as the backbone of their label, so you can be sure you're organised and have all your essential assets accessible in one place.

• Save money and download essential record label contacts you can quickly tailor for your own label so you can easily sign artists and both parties are professionally and legally covered.

• Learn how to set up business infrastructure so you can trade as a business and you're ready to start receiving your royalties and get money in the bank.

• Find a music distributor that will work with you, so you're confident your fans can listen to your music on all their favourite platforms.

To be a record label, you'll need to build out the business elements that will allow trade as a record label business. You will build your label website, construct your file system, and set up your business and bank accounts. You will do this by working with website templates, downloading the pre-built business file structures, and learning about the right distributors to partner with. Once completed you'll be a legit record label, so you can sign artists, release music, and collect music royalties from around the world.


Module 4: First Record Release

• Download and implement release schedule templates, so you're organised and can ensure you have a stress-free music release.

• Get your music mastered by the pros, so your music will in the best quality and format for your label fans.

• Get artwork created that's eye catching and your artists and fans will love.

• Have a trouble-free experience with sending your music to the distributor, safe in the knowledge that everything will be delivered to fans as intended.

One of the main goals of a record label is to release your music successfully to all available platforms so it can be heard everywhere possible. You will need to create eye-catching artwork, ensure the music is professionally ready, and get it delivered to your distributor. You will download and follow our premade release schedules, connect with the right mastering houses, and follow our design guidelines to get your record release out. You'll be celebrating when done and you can announce the record release date to the world and your record label fans.


Module 5: Marketing Strategy And Creating Marketing Assets

• Save time and research by downloading and implementing done-for-you marketing schedule templates.

• Get the marketing assets that will give bucket-loads of content so you have plenty of material to share on social platforms that will excite fans about your music release.

• Get a foolproof social media strategy so you don't have to worry about what you need to post everyday on social media.

• Get a press release that blogs and publications will open and read, to give your music the best possible chance of being reviewed in the music industry.

You need a solid marketing strategy, as well as the tools to implement it if you want to have any success getting hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and Apple Music. You will create your own tailored marketing plan, and all the marketing content to promote your music release. You will download and follow our pre-made marketing schedules, and learn to use the tools to quickly and easily create as much marketing contents as you need. Watch your fan base and online interactions grow as your music assets are posted across all the social media platforms.


Module 6: Get Your Music Out There

• Learn how to find the best publications so your music will be reviewed and shared on their blogs. 

• Save hours of online research by downloading the blog directories including names, email addresses and blog websites, with submission details that cover the following genres: Electronic, Folk, Country, Rock and Metal, Indie, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop and Funk.

• Create personal and professional emails using the pre-made email templates, saving hours of time so you can focus on getting your press release to blogs and publications to be published.

As part of a full promotional strategy you need to run a PR campaign to get your music to all the relevant blogs and publications. You will build your own PR machine, find the right publications and create slick and professional emails to reach out to them. You will download the blog directories that contain over 3200 contact names & email addresses for blogs and publications and copy the email formula for reaching out to them. Once done, you'll have your own PR machine you can use over and over again to promote your music to the right publications, saving hours of time and money in the process.


Module 7: Get Your First 1000 Fans

• Learn the secret theory behind finding and converting 1000’s of fans for pennies on the dollar. Once you know this secret you’ll use it for every release saving time and money.

• Find out how to turn a source of unlimited fans into real followers on the following platforms: Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube, and Apple Music.

• Learn from real world examples with step-by-step videos and a worksheet on how to replicate this for your own campaign so you can grow your own fan base.

To be a successful record label you need fans to buy and stream your music. To get fans you need to set up a system that funnels them towards your artists and music. You will create your own funnel using Facebook, Instagram and your email platform by copying tried and tested practices that other labels use. Once you know how to implement this funnel you can modify it to grow your Spotify followers, Instagram followers, email lists, pretty much grow fans on any platform!


Module 8: Get Played And Paid

• Have a stress free release day by using the downloadable checklists to ensure that your music is available where all your fans can buy and stream it.

• Learn how to create a merchandise pack for your super fans to purchase so you can create income from direct-to-fan sales.

• Learn about alternative income streams so you can use your music catalogue to maximise your revenue for your record label.

• Register your music with the Performance Right Organisations (PRO's) and guarantee you're getting all your royalty income from around the world.

Once you have released your music on all platforms, you need to maximise the ways you exploit your music catalogue and brand, as well as ensuring you have registered it with the correct royalty collection agencies. You will learn about the different income streams and how to register with the Performance Right Organisations (PRO's). By following the step-by-step guides and video tutorials you have a full understanding on how to move your label successfully into the future. Look forward to your first royalty statements and seeing fans posting online wearing your merchandise.


When you join the 'Record Label Launcher' program, you'll also receive these 3 bonus additions, that you have lifetime access to. 

Bonus 1
Recording Contracts

Record label contract templates 

you can quickly tailor for your own label so you can easily sign artists and both parties are professionally and legally covered.

Includes step-by-step guides on what each clause means and which sections you need to edit for your own record label.

Comes with recording contract, remix contract and design contract templates.

Bonus 2
Spotify + Blog Databases

Save hours of online research by getting instant access to blog directories with over 3200 names, email addresses and blog websites, with submission details.

Comes with the Spotify Playlist Directory of over 250 names and contact details for playlist curators.  

Covers the following genres: Electronic, Folk, Country, Rock and Metal, Indie, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop and Funk.

Bonus 3
'Union Of Record Labels' VIP Access

Get access to the 'Union of Record Labels' private Facebook group. 

The group members are from all parts of the industry, from fellow record label owners, to music managers, distribution company owners and music association CEO's.  

Ask anything you need about the music industry and get an expert answer, or browse previous comments for inspiration and help.

About The Founder & Author,
Nick Sadler

Nick started out as a marketing manager before co-founding Never Say Die Records, and he has worked with artists such as Skrillex, Zomboy, The Prototypes, Dodge & Fuski, The Freestylers and Flux Pavillion. Nick also heads up NSDMT; a London based management company, whose passion is for connecting artists, music and films with a global fan-base. 

“I realised that most of the information you need to run a successful record label is out on the internet somewhere, but there was no one place that had everything you need organised clearly and with guidance"


Here’s what people are saying about the program instructor

Miran Arsyad

Nocturne Records

Knows his stuff

"Nick really knows his stuff. His videos are easy to understand and get straight to the point. Any questions I posted in the forum were answered quickly and were spot on! Thanks again Nick!"

Grace Lee

Manager - Mass Mgmt

Helped set me up for my artist album..

"Eloquent, clear, persuasive, interesting, always capturing the interest in me. The videos are easy to follow, everything is pretty clear. I got feedback on my business plan as well, which helped set me up for my artist album launch"

Rose Anderson

Artist at Second Life

Kick-started my fan growth..

"Nick, I wanted to thank you for the UFG course. The ultimate fan generator kick-started my fans growth and I got 1100 real fans in just 3 days!”

waiting list now.

Program Enrollments close on May 31st 2020


Look at what past students have to say...

Carl Cornwell

Jazz Legend and CEO of Jam Chart Records

The resources were excellent..

"What I liked was the clear layout of the blueprint from the being to end, I could really step where each step relates to rest fo the material. The resources were excellent, the worksheets, the budget template especially."

Ned Woodman

DJ & Label Manager TORRE XVI

Clear guidance...

“The Label Machine were invaluable in helping navigate the very daunting task of setting up a record label from scratch. Without their vast inside knowledge of what's required and clear guidance throughout, I know that setting up and more importantly running my own record label would have been a much much harder task."

Sherman Reid

Spark Entertainment Group

Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

"I STRONGLY recommend The Label Machine to EVERYONE interested in running a successful record label! I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. Really good. After signing up our music business skyrocketed! It is the most valuable resource we have EVER purchased."

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Still Have Questions Unanswered?

Final word...

I know what it's like when you want to start a record label and you're not 100% confident on what you have to do. 

You want it to be a success, to represent you and your music, to be loved by your fans and respected by your contemporaries. 

It's why I created this program, to give you the tools and resources to overcome the hurdles you'll face when you build and grow your music releasing machine, that will enable you to grow your fans, and make money while doing it!

I am 110% committed to ensuring you start a record label and release your first EP with over 1,000 true fans in 6 months or less, and have the confidence to repeat this over and over again so you can build a successful music career. ​

Plus, have fun while doing it 😁

Nick Sadler

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