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The Label Machine Podcast is here for all the daring souls who want to leave their mark in the music industry.

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There are many podcasts out there about music, but not so many about the industry behind it. That is why The Label Machine is launching its own podcast, dedicated to bringing you insightful conversations on both the creative and the business sides of successful record labels.

Every three weeks we sit down with a leading figure of the music industry to discuss their unique experiences and paths to success. When you tune in to The Label Machine series, you are benefiting from the accumulated wisdom and know-how of established artists, producers and music industry professionals – including other accomplished record label founders.


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Few people understand how to raise a record label from the ground up the way Nick Sadler does. The founder of The Label Machine, Nick was pivotal in the UK Electronic music scene and the rise of the Dubstep genre as the co-founder of Never Say Die Records and Disciple Recordings. In a career that spans nearly two decades, Nick has worked with world-class artists such as Skrillex, Zomboy, The Prototypes, Dodge & Fuski, The Freestylers and Flux Pavilion.

Now on a mission to educate people who are passionate about music, Nick is focused on building up The Label Machine as the go-to platform for anyone who wants to start a record label. For that reason Nick has launched The Label Machine Podcast, a place where he can come together with other music professionals and discuss what led them to ultimately succeed in this business. This podcast is another step in his commitment to help people around the world release their music in a clear, accessible and transparent way.

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