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How to start a record label in 7 steps with zero experience. Watch this masterclass training that goes behind the scenes on how successful record labels are built and run..."

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We sit down with a leading figure of the music industry to discuss their unique experiences and paths to success. When you tune in to The Label Machine Podcast, you are benefiting from the accumulated wisdom and know-how of established artists, producers and music industry professionals – including other accomplished record label founders.

Soren Mensberg - 3rd Tsunami Agency - The Label Machine Podcast

Soren Mensberg

3rd Tsunami Agency

Nina Condron - Horus Music Distribution - The Label Machine Podcast

Nina Condron

Horus Distribution

Chris Garvey - The Prototypes - Get Hype Records - The Label Machine Podcast

Chris Garvey

The Prototypes

Matt Ryan - Par Excellence Management - LEVL8 - The Label Machine Podcast

Matt Ryan

Par Excellence

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Marketing Machine (NEW)

Everything tool you need to sell, market and distribute your music


The Label Machine Distribution - Marketing Machine - Music Releases


Get your music played all over the world with The Label Machine Distribution! Our service teams up with +100 music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and TikTok. We also provide label distribution to Beatport for electronic music labels.

Besides global distribution, our service provides you with free ISRC codes, pre-save and release day Smart Links, and delivery to new stores!

Worried about royalties? Don't - our distribution platform is built for royalty collection and royalty splits. Have instant access to your earnings with royalty payments directed to your bank account. 

No annual fees, and just 5% on the back end!


Build websites without any coding experience required! Simply drag-and-drop elements to create stunning web pages.

Use our pre-built templates to quickly create your dream music website. Take advantage of the Marketing Machine's robust platform and its e-commerce integrations to build your own label's online storefront.


Create fan funnels to drive sales with the Marketing Machine's funnel builder. Split test pages and use workflows to automate and optimise your funnels. Save time by adapting pre-built templates for content drops, song downloads and more!


Easily create one-click upsells and bump offers using our funnel builder. Create and add coupons to your products. Use automation to increase your fan value by 50%. 

Marketing Machine - Fan Management

Fan Management

Manage all your fans in one place with email and phone number details! Create smart lists for super fans and quickly send SMS or email messages to all your fans with one click.

Marketing Machine Automation Workflow

Email Marketing

Turn fans into super fans with our email marketing system. Fine-tune your email series with automation workflows and drip sequences. Segment and tag your audiences into Smart Lists.

TLM Marketing Machine - Online Store - Indigo

Online Store

Want to sell your music directly from your Marketing Machine website? Build your online label store and start selling today!

Our platform enables you to create digital, physical and subscription products that you can sell on your online store. Create invoices and use payment integrations (PayPal, Stripe) to drive revenue to your label directly through your store sales.

Social Media Scheduling

All your socials under one post planning tool! We have made it convenient to post across multiple social media platforms without having to duplicate posts. Scheduling posts in bulk allows you to be more efficient with your time.


Drops are a series of 80+ tasks that will help you release your music - the right way!

Whether you're releasing a single or a full-fledged album, you can use this release roadmap to track your progress, stay accountable, find helpful resources and save time.

Music Trilogy Blueprint Live Q&A


Join Nick for weekly live sessions where we work with you directly. Each session is recorded and you can watch the replays anytime.

Ask questions like:

  • How do I set up publishing?
  • What's the best marketing plan for growing Spotify streams?
  • How do I release cover songs?
  • Who has the best distribution deals?


Our platform integrates directly with all the most popular payment systems and social media platforms

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"The Label Machine" Book: Available NOW!

The Label Machine: How to Start, Run and Grow Your Own Independent Record Label - Nick Sadler - Velocity Press

So, you want to start a record label or self-release your own music? Then this is the resource you need.

You are looking at the ultimate guide to starting, running and growing your independent record label. You will learn all about the music industry business and how to navigate the tricky dos and don’ts. You will finally understand and take control of your music copyright and get to grips with the legalities involved. You will build your label effortlessly, learning how to professionally market your music and artists – allowing you to reach thousands of fans. And, essentially, you will learn how to create multiple label revenue streams to create an established record label.

Available in paperback, eBook and PDF formats.

As Seen On

Amazon Reviews from the Book

Gregg Allen

Best music industry book ever

Thank you for creating this great book. I've read over 30 books on the music industry and this is by far the best one.


The Holy Grail

I’ve been absolutely blown away with this book... The depth of Nick's knowledge is staggering. He explains things in a clear and easy to understand way... He covers every aspect of setting up a business right down to mindset. This isn’t a book you’ll read once and put down but a book you’ll carry with you and reference throughout the growth of your Label. It is the holy grail.


Great Book and Advisor

Really love the Label Machine. It's a great tool for independent Artists and Labels and also gives a great overall view on the music industry.


The Only Book You Need for The Current Music Biz

This book is straight to the point and separated in a way that actually makes sense! I've been reading all the books that people have claimed are the "bible of the music business", but those sound like legal jargon and don't include nearly as much information as this book does... This should replace everything as the "bible of the music business".

Sarah Poole

Valuable resource for any label owner!

Brilliantly informative and well written book - a valuable source of info for industry experts and up & coming labels alike. Thanks Nick!


Super in-depth, clear and easy to take action on

Methodical, detailed and concise. So helpful!

Michael Ritter

Excellent Book!

Great summary of all aspects around starting and managing a record label. Big thanks to Nick for sharing his knowledge & insights! Absolutely recommendable.

Jamie Jackson

Great book and very informative! Super well written Nick is clearly an expert in his field.

Everything you need to know to start, build and grow you own record label. Good luck and wish you all the most success!

Amazon Customer

Fantastic, easily digestible and inspires you to take action immediately

Fantastic book this, especially the parts explaining the royalties and rights side of the industry - key info for label founders and self-releasing musicians alike. I've bought this book twice now as I gave the first copy to a friend and it was that necessary! Well done Nick.

Action-based, proven programs to help you start, run and grow your music label

Record Label Launcher - Courses - The Label Machine

Record Label Launcher

The Record Label Launcher allows you to start a record label and release your first EP with over 1,000 true fans in 6 months or less, with a trusted process you can repeat over and over again as you build a successful music career.

Spotify Growth Course - Courses - The Label Machine

Spotify Growth Course

The 'Spotify Growth Course' follows the same classic marketing principles used in all industries. Find your audience, craft a message that connects with them, and state a call to action. Get thousands of streams within weeks with our three-step formula.

Email Marketing System - Courses - The Label Machine

Email Marketing System

Reach new fans seamlessly through an email system built for artists and labels. Our course helps you save time and automate email delivery through the use of templates, sign-up forms and email marketing platforms.

Record Release Launcher - Courses - The Label Machine

Record Release Launcher

Take your music to new heights with our Accelerator Program dedicated to releasing your new record. In this 6-week course, you will learn the in-depth, evergreen process of releasing new music, from writing contracts and creating artwork to fan funneling and getting on Spotify playlists. The best part? Learn it once, and you'll be able to apply it to every one of your future releases!

UFG - Ultimate Fan Generator - Courses - The Label Machine

Ultimate Fan Generator

Who doesn't want to grow and strengthen their fanbase? In just 30 minutes, you can learn how to create lead magnets, use Google algorithms, set up ads and find your target audience. The Ultimate Fan Generator program includes a course guide and audio files that allow you to keep learning even when you're off-the-grid.

What people say about the programs

"Easy-to-follow and concise"
"I love the fact I have a step-by-step formula... there is so much information and documents for so many different scenarios and I didn't expect all that to be included. Producers I know that've got their own labels started recently, or who are thinking of starting their own labels – I've already pointed them in the direction of The Label Machine.
Greg Rose - Frankliin - Dial8 Records - The Label Machine

Greg Rose a.k.a Frankllin