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Remixes, Covers, and Arrangements. Andrew Aversa, the designer and co-founder of Impact Soundworks, has made a really helpful episode of Impact Soundworks Academy on YouTube, where he discusses  the value of remixes, arrangements and covers and explains the legal ramifications for releasing them. This is what he has to say....  [...]

Do you want to have your own successful record label, releasing music to thousands of adoring fans? Do you want a blueprint you don't have to think about, and can just crack on with creating your label? And do you want to do this in just 7 steps? You are in the right [...]

The Ultimate Hacks To Boost Your Instagram Followers From Three Industry Professionals. Maddy Raven (Burstimo) Damian Keyes (DK Music Management) Adam Ivy (Marketing Mentor and Music Producer) Instagram is one of the biggest platforms that music fans engage with daily. If you are an artist or record label, then it's [...]

Watch the video below to get a rundown of what to expect as a member of The Label Machine. Features IncludeBlueprints:  Step-by-step practical guides, with hours of easy-to-follow tutorial videos that cover the four main phases of setting up a record label ; planning, building, running, and growing.Checklists and Templates:  Multiple [...]

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