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On this milestone tenth episode we have Mixmasters' founder Danny Savage.One of the most influential figures in today's electronic music world, Danny Savage has gone from DJ'ing in working men's clubs to helping other DJ's and producers build their own musical career. His entrepreneurial mindset, combined with his passion for [...]

On this episode we have Amy Jayne, an artist and freelance consultant at a number of electronic music labels, including Friction's Shogun Audio, Elevate Records and Technimatic Music. She is also the current label manager at Maraki Records and one of the leading figures in music conferences across Europe.As an [...]

On this episode we have Pete Callaghan, co-founder of email marketing platform Promoly. After finding initial success in the Dubstep genre with his label Tongue Flap Records, Pete was dismayed by the state of music promotion and marketing options available to artists and labels.  Together with Mike Ramirez and Kaine [...]

In our seventh episode we have Soren Mensberg, artist manager at Sierra 79 and booking agent / promoter at 3rd Tsunami Agency. His artist roster includes some of the hottest names in the Scandinavian music scene, such as Barselona, Korantemaa, L.O.C. and Snavs.One of the most accomplished agents and artist managers from Denmark, [...]

Our sixth episode features Rob Bravery, a singer-songwriter born in Bristol, UK and currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Rob has been compared to the sounds of Radiohead and James Blake; he has released numerous albums over the last ten years after being signed to a major publishing deal, the latest of [...]

Episode #5 is a warm reunion of LEVL8 co-founders Nick Sadler and Matt Ryan! Matt is also the director at Par Excellence and over the course of his career he has managed artists such as Foreign Beggars, Alix Perez, The Upbeats and Shades.In this episode the two will go over [...]

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