The Label Machine Book

How to start, run and grow your own independent music label

Thinking of starting your own label or self-releasing your music?

You are looking at the ultimate guide to starting, running and growing your independent record label. In the last 10 years, author Nick Sadler has founded and run record labels such as Never Say Die, No Tomorrow Recordings, and Disciple Recordings that have sold millions of downloads and billions of streams as well as helping launch the careers of internationally touring artists and producers such as Zomboy and The Prototypes.

Over four main sections, this 420 page book will give you a complete understanding of the modern music world, it will explain music copyright in simple terms that anyone can understand, it will give you absolutely every blueprint you need to start, run and grow your label effortlessly, and show you what you need to do to establish yourself now, and into the future.  

Available in paperback and eBook formats

The most complete guide for starting your own label!

Here's what you get with The Label Machine Book

Your Own Music Release Machine

Become your own legit record label, so you can sign artists, release music, and collect music royalties from around the world.

Special Book Resources

Our file name directories, cheat sheets and templates provide ready-to-use, fill-in-the-blank documents that save you time and money!

Simplified Branding and Content Creation

Learn how to tap into thousands of digital assets that will allow you to create original artwork and master free content creation tools such as Adobe Spark.

Effective Distribution and Release Strategy Techniques

Combine a long-term, multiple release strategy with an automated marketing system and the right distributor service for your label.

Achieve All Your Goals (finally!)

Harness the power of a growth mindset so you can get anything done and be part of an accountability team to ensure you stay on track.

Collect All Royalty Income

Look forward to your first royalty statements, discovering sync markets, and seeing fans posting online wearing your merchandise.

Amazon Reviews from Nick Sadler's
"The Label Machine" Book

Gregg Allen

Best music industry book ever

Thank you for creating this great book. I've read over 30 books on the music industry and this is by far the best one.


The Holy Grail

I’ve been absolutely blown away with this book... The depth of Nick's knowledge is staggering. He explains things in a clear and easy to understand way... He covers every aspect of setting up a business right down to mindset. This isn’t a book you’ll read once and put down but a book you’ll carry with you and reference throughout the growth of your Label. It is the holy grail.


Great Book and Advisor

Really love the Label Machine. It's a great tool for independent Artists and Labels and also gives a great overall view on the music industry.


The Only Book You Need for The Current Music Biz

This book is straight to the point and separated in a way that actually makes sense! I've been reading all the books that people have claimed are the "bible of the music business", but those sound like legal jargon and don't include nearly as much information as this book does... This should replace everything as the "bible of the music business".

Sarah Poole

Valuable resource for any label owner!

Brilliantly informative and well written book - a valuable source of info for industry experts and up & coming labels alike. Thanks Nick!


Super in-depth, clear and easy to take action on

Methodical, detailed and concise. So helpful!

Michael Ritter

Excellent Book!

Great summary of all aspects around starting and managing a record label. Big thanks to Nick for sharing his knowledge & insights! Absolutely recommendable.

Jamie Jackson

Great book and very informative! Super well written Nick is clearly an expert in his field.

Everything you need to know to start, build and grow you own record label. Good luck and wish you all the most success!

Amazon Customer

Fantastic, easily digestible and inspires you to take action immediately

Fantastic book this, especially the parts explaining the royalties and rights side of the industry - key info for label founders and self-releasing musicians alike. I've bought this book twice now as I gave the first copy to a friend and it was that necessary! Well done Nick.

About the Author

Nick Sadler

Nick Sadler passion is for connecting artists, music, and films with a worldwide audience. His clients have include award winning artists The Prototypes, Memtrix, Zomboy, Eptic, Far Too Loud, Dodge and Fuski, and Three Laws.

Nick started out as a marketing manager for studio software Logic, before co-founding Never Say Die Records, one of the most successful record labels in the rise of the Dubstep Electronic music movement in both the UK and the US. He has worked with artists such as Skrillex, Zomboy, The Freestylers and Flux Pavilion, alongside gaining valuable insight into taking artists from the UK to a worldwide audience.

“I realised that most of the information you need to run a successful artist lead record label is out on the internet somewhere, but there was no one place that had everything you need organised clearly and with guidance"

Here’s what people are saying about Nick

"Nick's training and mentorship is amazing, the amount of content and diligence is incredible. Big love to you!"
record label

David Mérismé

Glockwork Records

"Eloquent, clear, persuasive, interesting, always capturing the interest in me. The videos are easy to follow, everything is pretty clear. I got feedback on my business plan as well, which helped set me up for my artist album launch."
Grace Lee

Grace Lee

Manager @ Mass MGMT

"Nick really knows his stuff. His videos are easy to understand and get straight to the point. Any questions I posted in the forum were answered quickly and were spot on! Thanks again Nick!"
Miran Arsyad

Miran Arsyad

Nocturne Records

What's in the Book?

Here is an overview of how the book is divided and the topics discussed.

Part I: The Industry

Part One of the book aims to give you an overview of the music industry to see where the running of a record label fits in with the other aspects of the industry. It will introduce other industry professionals such as artist managers, booking agents, distributors and publishers, and how everyone works together to create successful artist careers. Chapters: 

  • The Artist
  • The Music
  • A&R 
  • Music Managers 
  • Record Labels 
  • Distributors 
  • Aggregator 
  • Management Companies 
  • Performance Rights Organisations
  • DJs  
  • Fans 
  • Marketing  
  • PR  
  • Live Shows and Touring  
  • Booking Agents 
  • Lawyers and Accountants  
  • Success

Part II: Music Copyright

Here the book explains the different types of copyright in music, how all music copyright flows within the industry and how to register and collect all your copyright royalties as both a record label and as an artist. We breakdown the difference between US and UK copyright and who you need to register with to ensure you are collecting all your income. Chapters: 

  • How Copyright Works
  • Composition vs Sound Recording
  • UK vs US Copyright
  • Royalties
  • Sound Recording Royalties from Music Sales
  • Sound Recording Royalties from Public Performance of Songs
  • Composition Royalties from Music Sales
  • Composition Royalties from Public Performance of Songs
  • Synchronisations
  • Licensing Deals
  • YouTube Monetisation
  • Cover Songs
  • Samples
  • Music Royalty Flow
  • Collecting Royalties and Registering with PROs

Part III: The Process

Part Three is divided into three main processes.

The Set-Up: This is the process of setting up an official record label or music company. Chapters:

  • Mindset Goals and Missions
  • Focused Work
  • Choosing a Record Label Name
  • Record Label Backbone
  • Business Plan
  • Label Branding
  • Design Tools and Assets
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Social Media Handles
  • Distribution
  • Distributor Companies
  • Budgets
  • Emails and Email Marketing
  • Registering as a Company

Creating a Record Release: This is the process of releasing and distributing your music. Chapters:

  • Creating a Record Release
  • Single EP, or Album
  • Release Strategy
  • Getting Music Complete
  • Creating Artwork
  • Creating a Release Schedule
  • Metadata
  • ℗ and © Symbols in Music
  • Record Label Contracts
  • Recording Agreements
  • Featured Artist Agreement
  • Remix Agreement
  • Upload to Distribution
  • Register Songs with PROs

Marketing and Promoting the Music: This is the process of marketing and promoting the music release to fans. Chapters:

  • Music Marketing
  • Marketing and PR Schedule
  • Marketing Assets
  • Extra Marketing Content
  • Press Release
  • The EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
  • DJ Promo
  • Getting on Blogs and Publications
  • Secure Music Premieres
  • Submit Hub
  • Pre-Saves
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Spotify Playlists
  • Release Day
  • Post-Release Activities

Part IV: Becoming Established

This section is about activities for creating a record label that goes beyond a few releases. These are all ways of expanding your record label’s activities, helping you establish your record label into a long-term successful music company. Chapters:

  • Accounting
  • Merchandise and Physical Distribution
  • Sample Libraries
  • Music Compilations
  • Labels and In-House Publishing
  • Artist Management
  • Live Shows
  • Further Reading
  • Resources

Share your music with the world, The Label Machine way.