On this episode Nick sits down with Dorian Perron, co-founder of music promotion company Groover. Starting with just a music blog, Dorian eventually began working on Groover while attending college in the US. Along with Groover's co-founders he developed a promotion tool that connects independent artists with blogs and publications and ensures that their submissions are listened to and receive feedback. Groover boasts a simple, equitable pricing option where fees are equally split between Groover and curators, a system that has resulted in the company's exponential growth and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Join us for an hour-long discussion on effective music promotion, getting featured on blogs and publications, and capitalizing on the feedback and network opportunities Groover offers.

Curators - What are those?

Basically, playlist curators are individuals who create and manage playlists on various streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and more. These playlists have thousands, if not millions, of followers, making them a fantastic opportunity for exposure.

As such, it is important for independent artists and labels to seek out these individuals and establish a solid connection. Getting featured on playlists is essential if you want your release to be heard and your audience to expand, hence why many labels make networking with playlist curators and tastemakers a priority.

How Does Groover Help Connecting Curators & Artists?

Groover provides a seamless way for artists to submit their music and connect with the curators who can potentially put their songs in front of a massive audience.

In the words of Dorian, Groover guarantees "breaking the wall of first listen," meaning that the platform ensures affiliated curators will not only listen but also provide feedback on the music that has been sent to them. It may not be added to a playlist, but the fact your music is being reviewed by professional tastemakers can also be a way of getting attention for your release.

Tips on Getting Added to Playlists

Finding the Right Curators

Groover offers a comprehensive search feature that allows you to filter curators based on genre, location, and even follower count. This ensures that you target curators who align with your music style and target audience.

Take your time exploring the curated list of playlists and profiles. Listen to the music featured on these playlists and get a sense of their vibe. This step is crucial as you want to approach curators who genuinely resonate with your sound.

Crafting Your Pitch

Once you've found the perfect curators, it's time to craft a compelling pitch that will grab their attention. When reaching out to curators, it's essential to personalize your message and show genuine interest in their work. Mention specific playlists or tracks they've curated that you enjoyed and explain why your music would be a great fit.

Keep your message concise, but make sure to highlight your unique selling points. Do you have a growing fan base? Have you received any press coverage or won awards? These are great credentials to mention to catch the curator's attention.

While it is important to adapt the message to each recipient, it's also important to have a clear template pitch that does not require a great deal of updating as you send to multiple curators.

Don't Rush Reaching Out to Curators

As Dorian explains, you shouldn't be reaching out to playlist curators and tastemakers too early. This is because curators may not be active in the Groover platform by the time of your release, or they just might have forgotten about it as they had to respond to more urgent requests.

Ideally, you shouldn't reach out to curators on Spotify before release day, as Dorian states that "if you don't have the Spotify link available yet, they're usually going to disregard the submission."

What Playlists have in common with Blogs and Publications

Blogs are not dead. They are still useful to independent artists and labels - if not for expanding the reach of the release, then as a "stamp of approval."

Dorian states that while most people use Groover so their music can reach more people, many are also aware that being featured on a playlist adds legitimacy to the new release and the artist/label releasing it.

Even for practical terms - such as getting a visa to perform in the US or getting that "certified" blue check for your Facebook account - having an established presence in publications still is a must.


Getting featured on playlists is one of the most challenging - and rewarding - aspects of a successful release strategy. Thankfully, platforms such as Groover have made connecting with curators a whole lot easier for independent artists and labels.

Hope you enjoyed the episode! Until the next one.

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