Gemma aka SIREN

Music artist now has own label, international booking agent and Ibiza residency. 

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What others say about The Label Machine

"Easy-to-follow and concise."
"I love the fact I have a step-by-step formula... there is so much information and documents for so many different scenarios and I didn't expect all that to be included. Producers I know that've got their own labels started recently, or who are thinking of starting their own labels – I've already pointed them in the direction of The Label Machine."

Greg Rose a.k.a Frankllin

Dial8 Records

"Well organised, very affordable, extremely in-depth."
"Started from absolute zero, with a 15, second verse chorus, piece of music demo. And within a month, we're at 200,000 plays on the video, then two months, we're touching 400,000... I wish I had this information 10 years ago."

Vincent Reynolds

Sugar Team Music

"Recommend it."
"I especially liked the instruction videos, they were quite clear... also liked the links to sites where you can download artwork, that stuff is really handy to know. I haven't found yet a platform which was so complete [as this one]."

Theo Janssen

TJAMP Records

"With this system I can keep my focus clear."
"If I wouldn't have joined The Label Machine, I probably would not have that structure that you need to make a good start and run it consistently... you can sit there on the fence forever, always wondering how it would be like I did – or just take the leap and see what happens."
Record Label Start

Nenad Ruvidic

Parallel Audio

"Now everything looks easier..."
"Now everything looks easier because your courses are really interesting and all the material that you provide is really good... you have everything to start, and to start organized as well."
Start Record Label

Sérgio Abraço

Tribe in Live Records

"...really useful, really positive."
"The biggest thing for me was writing a business plan. It really helped me to think about it all in a much deeper level, what I was aiming for and just focusing the mind, really... it's just a good framework that doesn't seem to be available anywhere else."
Start Record Label

Paul Twomey a.k.a. Beat Mongrel

Obliviate Records

About the Founder and Author

Nick Sadler

Nick started out as a marketing manager before co-founding Never Say Die Records, and he has worked with artists such as Skrillex, Zomboy, The Prototypes, Dodge & Fuski, The Freestylers and Flux Pavillion. Nick also heads up NSDMT; a London based management company, whose passion is for connecting artists, music and films with a global fan-base. 

“I realised that most of the information you need to run a successful record label is out on the internet somewhere, but there was no one place that had everything you need organised clearly and with guidance"

Here’s what people are saying about Nick

"Nick's training and mentorship is amazing, the amount of content and diligence is incredible. Big love to you!"
record label

David Mérismé

Glockwork Records

"Eloquent, clear, persuasive, interesting, always capturing the interest in me. The videos are easy to follow, everything is pretty clear. I got feedback on my business plan as well, which helped set me up for my artist album launch."
Grace Lee

Grace Lee

Manager @ Mass MGMT

"Nick really knows his stuff. His videos are easy to understand and get straight to the point. Any questions I posted in the forum were answered quickly and were spot on! Thanks again Nick!"
Miran Arsyad

Miran Arsyad

Nocturne Records

The most complete program for new record labels.

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"It gave me a lot more direction so I knew what to focus on"
"It gave me a lot more direction so I knew what to focus on rather than just a load of little bits that I kind of knew... everything's so easily mapped out."
Dave Strickland - Sensible Records

Dave Strickland

Sensible Records

"If you have no idea where to start... this is a great resource."
"If you have no idea where to start, even with just like forming a business in general, any sort of music business, this is like a great resource. And it has a lot of information that it's sort of compiled into one easy, succinct place to find."
Roy Lindsey - Dapr Music

Roy Lindsey

Dapr Music

"I am glad we've had this experience."
"I really wish I personally would have had something like it a few years ago when we first started, because I think it really does do a great job of guiding you through the system."
Scott - Family Cat Records

Scott Bell

Cat Family Records

"Before The Label Machine, I wouldn't have started my label so fast."
"Before The Label Machine, I wouldn't have started my label so fast. We have so much information... you make it so easy to understand every task and your help is always there."

Mario DS

Self Made Click Records

"What I liked was the clear layout of the blueprint from the beginning to the end, I could really see where each step relates to the rest of the material. The resources were excellent, the worksheets, the budget template especially."

Carl Cornwell

Jazz Legend and CEO of Jamchart Records

"The Label Machine is designed really well, really helpful for young people like me, trying to learn more about how the industry works."

Leo Lawton

Music Student

"Thank you! So much value! Using the getting on blogs course with the supplied electronic blog directory, I was able to secure a premiere on"

Josh Arnold


"I STRONGLY recommend The Label Machine to EVERYONE interested in running a successful record label! I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. Really good. After signing up our music business skyrocketed! It is the most valuable resource we have EVER purchased."
Terry Houchens

Sherman Reid

Spark Entertainment Group

"The Label Machine were invaluable in helping navigate the very daunting task of setting up a record label from scratch. Without their vast inside knowledge of what's required and clear guidance throughout, I know that setting up and more importantly running my own record label would have been a much much harder task."

Ned Woodman

Label Manager TORRE XVI

"The Label Machine has been an invaluable resource for me launching my own label, the videos are especially great, really informative and the step-by-step guides totally take the headache out of planning."

Molly Beanland

Former Major Label Artist on ISLAND RECORDS

"The blog databases were exactly what I was looking for my artist record labels and are worth the membership alone. I’ve now have a relationship with one blog that has posted about every one of my artists!"
Trevor Abodo

Trev Abodo

Artist Manager

"The blueprints' documents are great, and I am confident, I am gonna get some results."
Laydee V The Label Machine

Laydee V