Behind The Scenes of the Label Machine

Watch the video below to get a rundown of what to expect as a member of The Label Machine. 

Features Include

Blueprints:  Step-by-step practical guides, with hours of easy-to-follow tutorial videos that cover the four main phases of setting up a record label ; planning, building, running, and growing.

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Checklists and Templates:  Multiple checklists and templates used for creating schedules essential for running a record label and releasing music, including; marketing and PR schedules, marketing assets release schedule checklist, DJ promo and PR one sheet templates.

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Community:  Post any questions you have and get advice, support and feedback from the community. We also have a private mentoring section in the community, where you can get private support and feedback from just Nick and the team.

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Record Label Contracts:  Record label contract templates that include step-by-step guides on what each clause means and which sections you need to edit for your own record label. Includes: recording contract, remix contract and design contract templates.

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PR Databases:  Our full blog directories include names, email addresses and blog websites, with submission details that cover the following genres: Electronic, Folk, Country, Rock and Metal, Indie, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop and Funk.

Find out how to build a customer PR machine in a day here

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Record Label Budgets:  The comprehensive budget comes with real life examples of expenses for all record label costs, as well as professional forecasting tables so you can plan and write for your business plan with ease. Comes in $/US and £/UK formats.

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