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"The Label Machine" Book Resources

All the templates, checklists and guides to build and maintain your new record label. *Please bookmark this page so you can easily reference it later. 

Mindset Activities

Strengthen your resolve with our list of activities.

Business plan Template

Download our business plan and start structuring your new label.

File Structure Template

The best way to organize all your label's files.

Design Assets

Download our extensive list of both free and premium design assets.

List of Music Distributors

Check out our list of music distributors and see which one works best for you.

Budget template

Download our customisable budget template.

Release activities schedule

Structure your music release promotion with our activities schedule.

metadata for distribution template

Keep your metadata organized with this template.

marketing tasks schedule

Download our full marketing tasks schedule for your label.

list of Marketing content ideas

Need new marketing content? Download our list for some ideas.

Press release template

Send out a proper press release with our template.

List of DJ promo companies and PR Companies

Reach out to DJ Promo and PR with our list.

Release day checklist

Make the most out of release day with our checklist.

Music licensing agreement

Get our licensing agreement template.

Music compilation email template

Make your music compilation happen with our email template.

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